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The Pharaoh's Treasure

A new book from Pegasus, The Pharaoh’s Treasure is a thought-provoking history of paper—from its origins in Egypt to its spread throughout the world—revealing how it helped usher in a new era of human history. (https://tinyurl.com/yd5ddzmf or https://tinyurl.com/y8ap2nm9)  "An engaging journey to the distant past." Kirkus Reviews, 2018

Join the author, John Gaudet, an experienced lecturer, writer and biologist as he shows how the ancient Egyptians made paper. Experience with him the evolution of books from papyrus paper to volumes of parchment, and then to handmade pulp paper invented by the Chinese and used by Gutenberg to print his famous Bibles.


Papyrus the Plant that Changed the World (Pegasus,NY)

From ancient Pharaohs to 21st century water wars, papyrus is a unique plant and one of the fastest growing plant species on earth. It grows in enormous swamps that float on water--and its stems inspired the fluted columns of the ancient Greeks. In ancient Egypt, the papyrus bounty from the Nile delta provided not just paper for record keeping--instrumental to the development of civilization--but also food, fuel and boats.

Today, it is not just a curious relic of our ancient past, but a rescuing force for modern ecological and societal blight.  Harvard University’s Belfer Center voted this book the Innovation Book of the Week . (https://tinyurl.com/y6vlevvt or   http://tinyurl.com/goodreed). 


The Iron Snake (Brandylane)

It is 1897, during the last few years of Victoria’s reign at the height of the Empire, a period marked by unrest in Africa.  The Kenya Colony is an exciting world of hate, passion, loyalty and violence.  Stories abound about the wild nature of the railroad line’s shaky wooden trestle bridges over enormous chasms, man-eating lions pulling railway workers out of carriages at night, and back home the British Parliament is upset that construction of what the Africans call the Iron Snake will never return the enormous investment. The tabloid term, “Lunatic Express,” seems to fit.  Buy it now at: https://tinyurl.com/y92bhwhb  Republished as an e-book for Barnes & Noble’s Nook http://tinyurl.com/3lgsbrb, The Iron Snake involves a host of fascinating, passionate characters who witness Africa’s first steps into the modern era, and in the process have their lives transformed. 

Big News - appearance of Gaudet and Papyrus on Jeopardy


John Gaudet, Papyrus and Jeopardy

 John and his book popped up on Jeopardy on Wed. night December 12

See if you know the correct answer.  Check  it out at: https://youtu.be/dcbJ602INkE.  


  John Gaudet interview on Talk Radio Europe Jan 30, 2019 on his new book The Pharaoh's Treasure (https://youtu.be/k_TYr3trAUI)

About John Gaudet


The Washington Post's Neely Tucker said "He looks and sounds like he could have walked right out of a Graham Greene novel..."

John Gaudet

An experienced writer, lecturer and scientist John, spent years wading in African swamps in the '80's when they were used as body dumps by a local dictator, Idi Amin. Funny thing, he'll tell you, the swamps were dominated by the Papyrus plant, the same plant used by ancient Egyptians to make paper, which convinced him to become an expert on the plant and ancient paper. That way he'd stand out at social functions as he did in the swamps along the Nile where local people nicknamed him “Bwana Papyrus."

A Fulbright Scholar to both India and Malaya, his research on tropical plants funded by a grant from The National Geographic Society took him to many lush, wild places. His early work has been discussed in Nature, and by Peter Moore on the BBC show Science Now, and later in an article by Alan Cowell in The New York Times. He also worked in the US Government's overseas aid program and later as a consultant in environmental assessment.   Check him out at The Washington Post (https://tinyurl.com/ychccsdp), Salon (http://tinyurl.com/SalonBoats), Huffington Post (http://tinyurl.com/WriteReed) and at his terrific webpage www.fieldofreeds.com.  

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The Water World of Ancient Egypt, Part 1 of the series.  George Mason University, Reston, VA. Apr 9, 2018 (Part 2 Apr 16)

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